Aug 19, 2020 | Community Outreach

Pangal del Laja is a small community located in the Yungay region of Chile. The town, of barely 1600 inhabitants, make their livings primarily through agriculture and livestock. Since the town is located in a rural area, its outside access is limited by dirt roads and no internet.

In July 2020, FieldCore began a project at the thermoelectric power plant Los Guindos just 15 km away from Pangal del Laja. The job consisted of a Combustion Inspection. When the job was done, the team was left with boxes of supplies, including cookies, bags of sugar, water, coffee, and other things that would remain in the Tool Center until further notice. From previous experience, the team knew that this type of project surplus would probably perish or be discarded so Outage Manager, Mario Muñoz, alongside Rodrigo Silva, Lead Mechanic, made the decision to donate the supplies to a nearby community in need.


They chose the small community of Pangal del Laja. This town has only one school with 9 students who, thanks to the lack of internet, need to be visited weekly by their teacher to provide them with the necessary printed materials to study. Taking advantage of these visits, Rodrigo contacted the teacher of the Pangal del Laja School and together they distributed the donations. Students and their families were thankful for the support that the FieldCore team provided and welcomed them into their homes to express their gratitude for these donations.

Supporting the communities where we work and live in is an important goal for FieldCore team in Latin America. We continue to work very hard to promote more projects that help develop these communities.



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