Dec 1, 2022 | Featured, Our Culture

The FieldCore’s Women’s Network aims to combine activities that build confidence and lasting professional or personal relationships which ultimately promote female empowerment in our company and industry. In 2022 we hosted numerous global and regional events including Breast Cancer awareness sessions and monthly lunch events focused on networking and togetherness. The last few months have brought greater opportunity to collaborate with GE Vernova in our inclusion journey together, such as the Inclusion & Diversity Week focused on the theme, “Everyone Together” which included multiple virtual events across the globe.

As 2022 rolls to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the achievements we have made together this year in the Europe’s Women’s Network. This year we have delivered several events participated by our amazing Women’s Network members.

  • We launched an internal WN page; a hub to promote key resources and upcoming events focused on Inclusion and Diversity in FieldCore.
  • Arranged a virtual training session by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts on “Impact and Influence – Stepping up with confidence“.
  • Hosted an external speaker Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader from Deloitte to discuss “Women at Work”.
  • Launched a successful internal Mentoring programme with Ten Thousand Coffee’s.
  • In September, FieldCore participated in a virtual STEM Women’s Career Event to target building a diverse talent pipeline, attended by 700+ students and graduates.
  • During Breast Cancer Awareness month we welcomed Thalie Martini from Breast Cancer UK who shared some really important information about breast cancer prevention.
  • We enhanced our Maternity Policy in the UK.
  • We held a diversity roundtable discussion in Italy.
  • Offered a facilitated training session on “Women in Leadership” that promoted self-reflection and action planning.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved this year. Well done to the Wonder Women of Europe and thanks for all your engagement! We are looking forward to more networking opportunities in 2023!



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