New TM2500 adds to Bahamas power capabilities; OJT training prepares customer to take ownership

Aug 14, 2023 | Success Stories

GE’s TM2500 mobile aeroderivative is one of the world’s most modular, reliable and experienced mobile gas turbines. This summer, our One Field Services teams installed a TM2500 at the Bahamas Utility Company (BUC) for the Blue Hills Power Plant on the island of New Providence, Bahamas.

The installation project was completed safely with no EHS issues, even scoring 100 percent on a GE safety audit! The new unit is capable of providing 32MW of power to residents on the island, enough to power 20,800 homes. By adding this reliable source of energy, the power company is adding to its capabilities to stabilize the grid and reduce load shedding or brownouts.

Brandon Beirne, Remote Outage Advisor and part of our Remote Outage Support (ROS) team conducted TM2500 onsite training for the customer to prepare them to take ownership of the unit.

Between June 19-July 16, Brandon gave more than 175 hours of onsite training to site staff including courses covering:

  • Aero Package Operation and Familiarization
  • Aero Package Maintenance
  • RX3i
  • Aero Package Operation & Maintenance with OJT

By the end of the training, 31 GE course attendance and nine OJT participation certificates were earned and presented to the site staff.

Our thanks and congratulations also go to Greg Walker, Aero Training Product Line Leader, and Kurt Maaske, OJT Competency Lead, who created the OJT content, and Alejandra Saldana, Training Project Manager, who supported delivery for these courses.

The training received a 100 NPS score. One customer who took the training stated, “This course provides a hybrid of theory and hands on training, which I love!’

We’re also proud to recognize the installation team for the project including:

Melvin Rivenbark, David Chapman, David Pastrana, Marco Faria, (Mechanics); Carl Severin, Maximiliano Caceres, Domingo Rodriguez, (Controls/AVR); Jason Kilgore, Mark Capulli (EHS) and Dion Ward (OJT).

This huge milestone for the site was two-fold because, within the same week, BUC took ownership of the unit from GE and the people of the Bahamas celebrated their 50th year of independence. Fun history fact, 50 years ago it was a young Prince Charles (now King Charles) who delivered the independence paperwork to the island.

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