Apr 26, 2022 | Success Stories

Months after FieldCore’s Middle East and Africa region won the President and CEO’s Trophy for 2021 Region of the Year*, a few MEA employees make it clear that that they are set on meeting or improving their SQDC metrics to impress customers again.

The team remains steadfast to intensify last year’s momentum and keep up the safe and on-time delivery of quality work for customers.

This is what they say…

Mudathir Nassir, Outage Manager in the  UAE: “It’s one thing to win it, but the real deal now is how to keep it.”

Bilal Belkhiri, HR Manager for Gulf sub-region: “This trophy signifies the result of an entire year’s hard work, day after day, to which our region’s field and office teams had committed to ensure our customers’ plants kept running.  The hard work paid off as we achieved or bettered predetermined metrics while keeping sights set on our core values, namely Safety, Integrity, Quality and Inclusion.”

Vidhya Sagar G R, MEA Project Control Advisor: “As Taher (Abujoudeh – MEA Region GM) was quoted, ‘Winning the trophy, isn’t the hard part.  Sustaining the momentum to ensure we keep it, that is the hard part.’  I am proud of being part of this awesome team!!”

Wasim Parkar, MEA Resource Analyst: “It was a very proud moment for me – and all of us – when we won the title.  However, it’s crucial that we all continue to stay focused and ensure we commit to both our short and long-term goals to repeat our success in 2022.”

Husam Aljuwaiher, Service Manager for the UAE: “Without doubt enormous efforts and dedication were put in by the team to set an example of how teamwork can accomplish anything.  This achievement made me recognize that I am privileged and honored to be part of the MEA team.  I am now looking forward to continuing the journey to ensure the trophy stays where it belongs.”

Ahmed Bashir, former Productivity Director for MEA:

“When the customer’s satisfaction is the focus of the whole team, the priority of safe delivery and on-time of quality work instantly becomes a daily objective, making it easier to achieve or exceed the metrics.  Each and every team across the region had adopted our customer’ satisfaction as a goal.  And as strength lies in numbers, it was easier to achieve the metrics.”

Aldrin Romero, MEA Productivity Project Cost Advisor: “I’m honored and proud to be part of the team!  Our collective efforts made this happen.  I am looking forward to keeping the trophy in our region this year.”

FieldCore COVID-19 prevention measures still apply to all countries across MEA region. Face masks were briefly removed for purpose of the picture only.


* Bringing the trophy to MEA is vindication of the entire team’s elevated energy and passion channeled towards living FieldCore’s core values of Safety, Integrity, Quality and Inclusion.  It also signals absolute dedication to the GE behaviors of acting with humility, leading with transparency and delivering with focus.

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