Jun 11, 2020 | Success Stories

In February, GE was requested to install a TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine for the Bahamas Power & Light Company Ltd. (BPL), a state-owned electric company that provides service to approximately 110,000 customers throughout the Bahama islands.

The installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed in only 42 days with less man hours than originally estimated. This, along with our team’s expertise on addressing and resolving problems quickly gave us the highest score possible in the customer feedback survey.

“The job was executed very professionally, the support from all parties involved was really good. My colleagues and I were very impressed,” stated the customer representative.

The Aero team at FieldCore is a very selfless group that will rush to help when needed by providing quick power and some sort of normalcy, especially after natural disasters have hit. Their drive is to offer help to local communities whether it be remote places of Africa or the sunny Bahamas.

The deployment of the mobile gas turbine by GE Gas Power will support the improvement of frequency control of the grid, which is expected to help reduce power outages and may potentially provide cheaper and cleaner power than the current diesel generators on the island.

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, becoming the most intense tropical storm on record leaving over 73,000 people affected. With a mobile power plant like the one just installed at the Blue Hills Plant, BPL will potentially be able to reach areas impacted by natural events like tropical storms and hurricanes of the intensity of Dorian very quickly.

This outage was led by John Sharkey, Outage Manager, whose 20 years of experience on this product line combined with a highly experienced crew made this project a total success. “The guys are amazing, committed and loyal. They will do everything in their power to see a project successfully through,” said Matthew Elwart, FieldCore Resource Manager.

Thanks to the incredible partnership between the experts at Gas Power and FieldCore, Bahamians can rest easier, knowing they have reliable power when they need it most.

For more on this great success, including watching the building of the plant and hearing directly from our customer watch the video below.

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