Oct 4, 2022 | Continuous Improvement / LEAN

At FieldCore we embrace a Lean mindset. By doing so, this allows our employees to use their time wisely by effectively speeding up processes and eliminating “waste”. It’s a methodology that approaches and handles work in a lean way which means that the value to the customer is given the biggest focus. The more efficient the production process, the faster our customers can get the results they are looking for. The Lean mindset has allowed FieldCore to create a customer-centric culture where our employees are engaged more in their work and committed to meeting the needs of customers through more efficient processes, workflows, and attitudes.

Recently, 50 FieldCore employees spent a week working on multiple Kaizens to focus on “leaning out” the Tooling department’s processes. The results were very impressive, and the new changes will help reduce the turnaround time of Large Gas Toolkits and Live Outage Kits, advance ergonomics, and improve stock-ready tools. These changes are not only beneficial to our tooling department, but also to our customers who can count on FieldCore to provide the safest and most efficient results.

You’ll often see us refer to many of these Lean-related terms. Here’s a quick explanation of some of these activities that FieldCore employees are incorporating into their daily work.


The literal definition of the Japanese word Kaizen is “change for the better”. Employees at all levels are taking part in multi-day events to develop quick, incremental improvements to our processes.

Leader Standard Work

This is the repetitive pattern of activities that represent the current least wasteful method of planning and controlling normal business processes. It helps employees to keep track of their work and prioritize the work that needs to be done.


A Japanese word of which translates to “the real place”. This is where the action is and where the actual work is done. Gemba walks are an important part of our culture, helping everyone gain better understanding of the work that’s done.


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