Sep 28, 2020 | Featured, Success Stories

The start of the year saw the Covid-19 pandemic starting from Wuhan and leaving not only the city but most parts of China and subsequently the whole world under lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus.

Being the epicenter of the virus, Wuhan was one of the first places where strict laws were imposed to combat the rising cases. While the government and frontlines were busy combatting the virus, power plants which provides power to Wuhan Optical Valley Industrial Park, was due for its maintenance in February. Due to the lockdown that was imposed on the city, the outage was postponed.

Months came and went, with devastating impact starting to spread all over the globe. The epicenter soon started seeing positive results of their containment efforts and as the numbers started favoring them, the city was soon starting to see limitations being lifted.

Work on the power plant was also able to commence with a quick FieldCore team assembled to execute three outages for two customers from the manufacturing industry.

Service Manager Bo Xianlei and Resource Manager Liu Zanyang were instrumental in pulling together all the necessary TFAs for the urgent project and provided them much needed assurance that their safety will always remain priority in the face of the on-going crisis and the city of Wuhan being at the highest risk.

All the supporting departments worked in parallel and collaborated to make sure fully preparation for site team’s mobilization.

The project proceeded with strict EHS measures taken and project guidelines followed closely. Last week, the team received a Recognition Letter from the customer expressing their appreciation to the team that had put in tremendous efforts in pre-mobilization preparations which led to implementation of high standards of EHS plans in serving projects in Wuhan after 76 days of area lockdown.

As Wuhan’s risk level decreases, and life in the city starts returning to normal, there are still lingering risks. With much courage and perseverance, the Wuhan team stayed on to complete the missions which clearly demonstrated the mantra of ‘Customer Determines Our Success’. Such accomplishment has further strengthened the unity of the rest of FieldCore family.  With this spirit, we firmly believe that our company will overcome any kinds of difficulties in future and go further with all these lovely, brave and determined heroes.

Let’s look forward to their return soon, with our warmest applause and most beautiful smile.

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