Aug 12, 2019 | Success Stories

The FieldCore team was called to a remote plant in Canada for scheduled maintenance on their unit. The plant, which produces close to 200 MW for the nearby city, could not afford any delays on the project. With best-in-class collaboration and technology, the FieldCore team met their obstacles head-on, coming in two days early on completion and receiving enthusiastic recognition from the customer for their efforts.

The outage began with the standard crew, but after 21 days of nearly constant rain, the FieldCore team knew they needed to re-think their resourcing plans to maintain their goals. They almost doubled their manpower for days and nights, working activities in parallel to maintain the project timeline and fit in the extra work added during the outage. With all the pressure to complete the outage on time, it was an even bigger accomplishment that FieldCore finished the project with zero safety issues.

Upon outage completion, the customer recognized the FieldCore team’s performance during a “considerable challenge,” calling the outage workers “safety-focused, self-sufficient and motivated.” The customer also praised the work itself, calling it “excellent, with minimal rework/repairs.” Ultimately, the customer called the project a “great success.”

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