May 26, 2021 | Community Outreach

On Friday, May 7, several FieldCore and GE employees showed dozens of Atlanta elementary school students what it’s like to work on gas turbines, excitation systems and high atop wind turbines as part of Brumby Elementary School’s annual career day.

Field Engineer Tamara Biediger, Site Safety Professional Cody Franklin, and wind employees: Kyle Henry, Ruben Zavala, Kevin Blea, Nathaniel Alexander and JamesDean Brinkley showed off the great work we do to keep the lights on and explained their careers and paths to the “employees of tomorrow.”

The wind team took these students virtually to the top of a turbine at our training center in Tucumcari, New Mexico to show them the “best office view in the world.” The teams also explained the technical training that is necessary to be able to safely maintain and upgrade power generation equipment. Cody and Tamara explained their jobs and told the students about the great things they have seen in their careers and amazing places they have been while on the job.

The idea behind participating in career day is a culmination of several years of partnership with the school and focused on showing these students, ~75% of which receive free breakfast and lunch, what opportunities are out there for them to pursue.

We are very proud of our partnership with Brumby and a special thanks to our employees that may have just sparked a career or two in power generation with these students.

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