Aug 5, 2019 | Community Outreach

To stop using something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work anymore or that it can’t be useful for someone else, particularly if we’re talking about a tool.

The “Jaws of Life” are an iconic rescue tool used by firefighters the world over to safely free passengers in auto accidents and other emergencies. It is also a tool FieldCore employees have used for years to remove stator bars from generators.

With new methods and new tools being developed to perform stator bar removal, we no longer needed four complete sets of jaws of life as well as extras parts and hoses that were housed at our Cincinnati tool center.

Rather than discarding these tools through our normal obsolete tool process, Chris Crookshanks, Director of NAM Tool Centers, came up with a great alternative … donate them to local fire departments.

With the support of Marc Bilofsky, Manager of the Cincinnati tool center, and his team, who located this community outreach opportunity, the tools were donated to two Fire Departments in Ohio and will be used to outfit rescue trucks to enhance their capability to respond to emergencies.

“We have about 100 trains go through Glendale daily and should anything ever go wrong, these tools will better enable us to respond,” said Kevin D. Hardwick, Fire Chief of the Glendale Fire Department, one of the stations were the donations were made.

It’s another example of FieldCore’s deep commitment to the communities we serve.

“I’m so glad we found such a great use of these tools now that we don’t need them anymore,” said Crookshanks. “Our tools will directly lead to saving lives and minimizing injuries. That’s a powerful feeling and so well aligned to our Core Value of Safety.”



Pictured from left to right: Tooling Facility Coordinator – Tobin Furnish, Tooling Center Manager – Marc Bilofsky, Glendale FD District Chief – Jeff Klei, Fire Chief – Kevin Hardwick, Firefighter – Scott Lerman.

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