Oct 12, 2018 | Success Stories

Sá Carvalho Project, Brazil: Results of a Partnership that Flowed like Water

FieldCore, a GE Company, recently completed another major milestone, completing its first hydro project in Brazil. The outage was a project for Cemig, one of the largest power generators and distributors in Brazil and included a generator retrofit to increase productivity and longevity of this 78 MW clean power source.

The project was executed in a short 45 day span. The Sá Carvalho outage was completed with high levels of quality, customer satisfaction and environmental health & safety (EHS). The team was able to gain experience and align several procedures with GE Renewable Energy. At the same time, they delivered World- Class Execution to the end customer. The project was completed in 4500 hours with no accidents.

“During my time managing this facility, I have never had a company that worked with such high performance of quality and safety standards as well as their relationship with us as the customer. I am very satisfied,” – Clemildes Horta, Sá Carvalho Plant Manager at Cemig

On the FieldCore side, it was the first hydro outage executed and, even though it was a segment where they had less experience, the team was confident of their capabilities. “We were aware that it represented our first opportunity in the hydro segment. We capitalized on our team, that were trained before the project started, and our experience in other segments to execute this project properly,” mentioned Adriano Silva, FieldCore Service Manager of the project.

The partnership we have built with GE Renewable Energy since one year and a half ago in the region and the leadership spirit of both companies were essential to achieve its first hydro project and ensure customer satisfaction.

“The planning and the correct definition of the mobilization actions made the difference in the Sá Carvalho project. The field team was carefully selected, considering the right professionals and skill sets and the tools for each requirement,” said Valcir Cintra, Field Services Leader, GE Renewable Energy – Hydro. “The good level of understanding of both parties was key to bring quick technical and commercial response to the client’s needs.”

For FieldCore, the preparation was a very important stage of the project, where different areas such as Resource Management, Human Resources, EHS, Quality and Field Operations, played a key role to ensure and identify, onboard and train the best talents, to ensure that Sá Carvalho was going to be executed with the best resources.

This result now places GE Renewable Energy and FieldCore in a position to reach new opportunities in the Hydro market. “When you have a team engaged and focused towards the same goal, when you have the capability to share the best practices between both companies, to implement, track and improve those practices, and especially when you do something with the heart, the results will come,” Adriano added.

Thanks to the GE Renewable Energy – Hydro team and especially our customer, Cemig, for their partnership in the successful completion of this critical project.

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