Feb 12, 2021 | Featured, Innovation, Success Stories

Ramiro Anampa, Quality Director of FieldCore’s Latin America region, started his quality turnaround story with one of our top customers in 2002, onsite in northeastern Brazil. There he learned how complex  Combined Cycle installations can be and how strict this specific customer was regarding safety, quality and on-time delivery. This project turned into a benchmark for Ramiro. During the following years, FieldCore implemented several projects, in cooperation with this customer. The feedback was mixed with some positive and negative results.

Fast forward to 2013, after aligning all functions (EHS, Quality, Engineering, Parts, Repairs, Resources, Tooling and Operations) and working alongside this customer during the planning stages, we were able to finally fully meet their expectations on safety, quality and on-time delivery and achieve the best in class execution for 7FA gas turbine+ D11 steam turbine major inspections combined projects. This obviously got Ramiro thinking about our previous performances as he started to analyze the reasons behind some of the previously received negative results.

The conclusion that Ramiro made was that every customer that provides critical and even negative feedback pushes us to become better by helping us understand our internal problems and how to fix them – just as the saying goes, “problems are treasure.” This long-lasting cooperation has also showed us that closely aligning with every customer is an ultimate key to our success. Only when we work together, we can truly achieve synergy in our partnership.

We have been continuously improving throughout the years. Just this last summer we were able to deliver top results for this customer in Brazil, obtaining a perfect 5 score indicating complete customer satisfaction and plans to work with us again by executing flawlessly in EHS and Quality, and finishing on time despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19.

We are still learning and evolving. We’ve come a long way, but we still cannot claim victory – we must strive to continue to deliver with World-Class Execution while also focusing on having a positive customer sentiment in every job we do. So far the improvements that we have made were possible thanks to several factors: we followed our processes with dedication, we worked as a team aligning all areas involved during the planning stage to ensure we had the correct parts, services and resources on time. Most importantly, we executed with discipline in terms of quality and worked collaboratively with this customer.

We know we are headed down the right path and this is also being recognized by our customer, who has helped us become better during all these years by expecting us to comply with every detail of the agreements stipulated in our contract and grading us accordingly. This is something only a true partner would do. They have been there since the beginning to give us sincere feedback, ensuring we grow as a company by delivering each time a bit better than before.

“I am grateful to be part of this learning process that has given us so much and helped us reach our quality goals and I’m even more thankful to work alongside a partner like this” states Ramiro.

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