Field Engineering

Our Field Engineering Program provides young engineers with an opportunity to learn and build a career of domain expertise in field engineering.

This best-in-class program is built to empower Field Engineers and equip them with technical and leadership skills aligned with our values and behaviors to deliver with focus for our customers.


We are carrying on a 130-
year legacy and are proud
to continue GE’s legacy of
the Field Engineering Program (FEP)

Program members will experience world class technical training curriculum that will prepare them to be highly skilled Field Engineers. It includes virtual and in person trainings taught by experts as well as mentorship by experienced Field Engineers from all over the world.

FEP(s) participate in a Leadership and Lean curriculum that provides a unique opportunity to learn Lean methodology and develop leadership skills. Program members will have a chance to be part of a diverse cohort, operating with the highest level of Safety and Quality while focusing on building the future of electricity.

Meet Program Graduates

Here are some of our team members who have participated in the FEP Program:

Lekwameh Lewis

Lekwameh Lewis

Service Director
FEP Program Graduate

“The most memorable assignment as a field engineer was building a power plant in Kashipur, India where they had rolling blackouts. Being part of their solution and helping people get access to power they need, made me proud of what we deliver as Field Engineers.”

Tamara Biediger

Tamara Biediger

Technical Talent Manager
FEP Program Graduate

“As Field Engineers, we need to hold ourselves to a high standard. The FEP Program reinforces safety, attention to details, and collaboration with peers and customers. Everyone has something they can learn, and everyone has something they can teach.”

Roumaissa Mouhoubi

Roumaissa Mouhoubi

Field Engineer
FEP Program Graduate

“The FEP Program allows me to face real mechanical problems. This adds value to my career as a Field Engineer and helps me grow as a strong woman in my personal life.”

Zhongle Qu

Zhongle Qu

Field Engineer
FEP Program Graduate

“As a Field Engineers I travel around Asia to help customers during outages. I like challenges, Field Engineering Program prepares me to face different problems and solve them, this is really exciting to me.”

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an entry level Engineering graduates (Engineering degree or equivalent) with up to 5 years of experience in EPC, field services or power generation who are willing to travel and develop technical and leadership skills. All nationalities with fluent English can apply.

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