Jun 2, 2019 | Community Outreach

Umburanas is a small community located northeast of Brazil. Many of the people who live in the community don’t have running water and very few have electricity. Because of that, they don’t have the resources to clean and keep supplies fresh. For this reason, diseases are very common in the community.

In March 2018, FieldCore began a project in a wind farm close to Umburanas. The community didn’t have the infrastructure to lodge the team assigned to the project so FieldCore arranged with a vendor for the construction of a building with 26 rooms where the team could live during the 13 months of the project.

All the rooms were equipped with a mattress, bedding and minibar, and basic necessities used by the FieldCore team. When the project was finished in April 2019, a group of employees led by Cleriston Cotrim, decided to donate all the supplies to the people in Umburanas. In this way, 26 families from the community benefited from the FieldCore team’s generosity.

Supporting the communities where we work and livecis an important objective for FieldCore in Latin America. We are working to drive more projects to support our communities in their development.

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