Aug 11, 2019 | Innovation

When the power goes out, there’s no time to lose waiting for help during ‘normal business hours.’ That’s why the FieldCore Remote Outage Support (ROS) team is available around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year, providing expert help when you – and our customers – need it most.

“GE, and now FieldCore, are pioneers in Remote Outage Support,” said John Millacci, Remote Outage Support Manager, who has been leading the team since 2016 at GE and then transitioned to FieldCore in January 2019.

This remote support capability is unique in the industry which also gives an extremely valuable competitive advantage for GE and FieldCore.

“There is real value in being able to talk directly to an expert when you need technical help, someone who stays with you and tracks the situation until it’s resolved,” John says. “We solve problems, we don’t just take notes and pass it along.”

Expert Problem Solvers

The FieldCore ROS team is a highly experienced group of about 35 Field Engineers with expertise in both GE and Alstom gas and steam equipment. Combined, these Level 3 and 4 Field Engineers have more than 600 years of Field Service experience! Dispersed among 16 countries and covering every time zone around the world, there is sure to always be a technical expert available when you need one. ‘No hables Ingles?’ No problemo with this team! Between them, they speak 15 languages.

One of these team members is Luis Juarez, a controls and electrical expert. He works from Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, in northern Mexico, where he lives with his wife and kids. Luis was a Field Engineer for more than 10 years. He says being a part of the ROS team “is a great opportunity; I work with people with so much knowledge …They are always ready to answer every question.”


“There is real value in being able to talk directly to an expert when you need technical help, someone who stays with you and tracks the situation until it’s resolved…We solve problems, we don’t just take notes and pass it along.” – John Millacci, Remote Outage Support Manager

ROS positions appeal to many experienced Field Engineers who are looking to take their careers in new directions. The remote service model allows these seasoned experts to continue supporting customer events and outages but with the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world.

More than 9,000 km (5,600 miles) away from Luis, in Valencia, Spain is Tony McGuinness, an electrical and generator expert. Tony is from Ireland and joined the ROS team four years ago. He decided to be a remote support engineer because of the flexibility: he works from his home and spends more time with his family. “The biggest challenge is to be contacted by a customer with a huge problem that has to be solved quickly – time is money. Nevertheless, this is a very rewarding job,” he says. “When I was a Field Engineer, I got satisfaction from leaving my experience in all the sites I visited. Now, satisfaction comes from sending my experience to many places in many countries.”

Field Engineers, Outage Managers, Service Managers, and even customers in some circumstances, can contact the ROS team directly during outages and installations if they need technical support. Besides technical expertise to fix problems, the ROS team can also assist with outage plan review, procedures, instructions, drawings, Bill of Materials (BOMs), drawings, etc.  Additionally, team members are available for technical mentoring and training instructor assignments.

Simple, Nimble, Fast

By its nature, the ROS team helps FieldCore fulfill its promise to break down complexity and barriers to deliver the right outcomes for customers, quickly and efficiently. In 2018, the team completed 10,523 cases, supported 300 outages in 100 countries, and achieved $9.4MM in site visit avoidance cost savings. Additionally, they won $10.8MM in emergent service work for GE through performance of Readiness to Serve reviews.

No matter where the customer is, the kind of technical problem, the day of the week, nor even the time, our Remote Outage Support team is on call and ready to help when needed. It’s one more way FieldCore delivers World-Class Execution.

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