Jan 15, 2020 | Faces of FieldCore

Shahendah Aburayya, an Egyptian national, is among the first female employees that joined FieldCore’s field services team in November 2017 when the company formally launched operations in the Africa, India and Middle East (AIM) region.

Since then, as a mechanical field engineer, she has gained vast field services experience across gas and steam turbines, and has risen to many technical challenges on site. She has also grown personally by meeting colleagues from all corners of the world and being exposed to different nationalities and cultures as a direct result of her career.

Both her parents are engineers and the fact that her mother, a construction electrical field engineer, was still on site the day before Shahendah was born, might be contributing factors to why she is so passionate about her job today.

“My dad worked on Bentley Nevada vibration systems and used to talk to me a lot about turbines,” Shahendah says.

Shahendah likes to think of her office as “outside on the turbine deck” – whether it is close to a bustling metropolis or tucked away in a remote spot like Assiut Power Plant (a five-hour drive from Cairo, Egypt).

She describes her work as everything but routine and speaks enthusiastically about her job: “I have indescribable job satisfaction as a field engineer.  I have become stronger, more focused on goals and I know what I want from the future.”

“You never know how long a certain project might take as there are often unexpected challenges you have to solve, situations that will pop up from which you will learn new things and grow, and to which country your next assignment will take you.”


Shahendah enjoys traveling, exploring different places and meeting new people.  She considers it a definite perk to be assigned to projects in other countries.

“I like working for FieldCore because of the transparency and honesty that exists.  I am also encouraged by the steps that the company is continuously taking towards greater workplace diversity,” she says.

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