Mar 10, 2020 | Faces of FieldCore

Broad River Energy Center Tube

When Sam Theriault accepted a Field Engineering role with FieldCore in 2018 after graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, he had an inkling of the adventure before him. After all, his father, Kevin Theriault, had been a fieldengineer with GE too, graduating from Mass Maritime over three decades before his son and embarking on a lifelong career with GE. Sam followed in Kevin’s footsteps, graduating in 2018 with a degree in Marine Engineering. When it came time to think about life post-graduation, Sam had a variety of job offers in hand, including some in the tech and software industry, but ultimately chose a field engineering path with FieldCore. He was attracted to the dynamism of the power generation industry, he said, and to have a front seat for developments in the growing renewables space. Sam was also drawn to the field engineering lifestyle: the long-but-rewarding days and the physical challenges that come with the job. Today, he cites the early lessons in leadership and relationship-building, the opportunity for mentorship with experienced colleagues, and the hands-on experience of living FieldCore’s values of safety, quality, and integrity as key reasons why the field engineering path has remained a great fit for him.

On the left: Mass Maritime Portrait Picture Kevin Theriault 1982. On the right: Mass Maritime Portrait Picture Sam Theriault 2018

Kevin, Sam’s father and perhaps his first mentor, fully encouraged him to take the plunge into field work (he himself had been in the field for over seven years in his 30+ year GE career). He called field engineering “the building blocks of a fantastic career with GE.” After all these years, he certainly knows what he’s talking about. Sam’s career is just beginning, but it’s clear he has an exciting road ahead with FieldCore. As Sam says, he is “very proud to be a part of the team that is always focused on world-class execution and being the top field services business in the world.”

Mass Maritime 2018

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