Jul 9, 2020 | Success Stories

Without question, the global COVID-19 outbreak has brought a lot of challenges to our operations, the likes of which we have never experienced before.  Amid all the uncertainty and disruption, our teams have been able to keep delivering for our customers successfully while making sure everyone goes home safely every day.

At FieldCore, we take our customers’ and employees safety very seriously. Day by day we work hard to ensure that everyone can execute their job safely while maintaining World-Class Execution. To do so, we’ve implemented a series of actions including a way to locate our employees fast in case of an emergency. COVID-19 has certainly put us to the test, but we are very proud to say we’ve worked nonstop to get our field teams home safely and we want to share the good news.

On March 9th, our Latin America team started a Major inspection on unit 13, a 7E including its generator, for one of our key customers in Trinidad and Tobago, TGU. The team on site finished the job on time on April 5th. However, on March 23rd, before the outage was completed, the government of Trinidad and Tobago, like many other countries, implemented a total country lock down to mitigate the spread of the virus, and all commercial flights, in or out of the country, were suspended. With no options to fly out of the country, we were in the difficult situation of not being able to demobilize our team of 30 Mexican, 5 Peruvian and 1 Argentinean field employees.

The Service Manager, Resource Managers, Field Service Coordinators, Logistic Coordinator, Sourcing and Security teams rallied to identify a safe way out for the field team and on April 20th all 36 employees boarded a charter flight hired specially for this demobilization. This was a complex operation that involved specific authorizations from the governments from both Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico for which we also collaborated with the GE team and Mexican Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago.

On March 9th, a total of 14 Malaysians from APAC and 3 others from the AIM region were sent into the Terga Combined Cycle Power Plant, some 600km west of Algiers, Algeria. The GT-26 based turnkey combined cycle power plant was the first of its kind in Algeria and was consists of three GT-26 gas turbines, becoming one of the largest combined cycle plants in the country with a capacity to generate up to 1,200 MW.

Amid the pandemic outbreak causing delays on deliveries, the outage was successfully completed with reduced workforce and in compliance with our COVID-19 field procedures. With borders then completely shutting down, their return home started to become unclear. As the project was coming to an end and with a return date as early as June, the team, with the help of their counterparts in Dubai, reached out to the Malaysian embassy, which was organizing a rescue flight to repatriate stranded Malaysians. After an 8-hour bus ride and two stops to pick up more passengers at Tunisia and Oman, the crew arrived safely back in Kuala Lumpur International Airport some 30 hours later.

These stories are clear examples of what FieldCore is willing to do to get everyone home safely even in the most difficult situations. For us, our employees are what keeps us moving forward and it fills us with pride to see them committed in delivering for our customers and the communities we serve even during this difficult time.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to these demobilization.



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