Jul 10, 2019 | Success Stories

At FieldCore, our mission for field service excellence, is fueled by our values of Safety, Quality and Integrity. These core values guide the way our people and processes operate. In the AsiaPacific region, we continue to build our culture of safety, with initiatives to promote awareness and educate on key EHS indicators.

In the region, we strive to continuously shine the spotlight on Lost Time Injury (LTI).  An LTI could be a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work which could cause a delay in an outage or project execution, and lead to lost in cost and productivity. This in turn, could affect the ability of a power plant to operate, and thus generate electricity for communities. Even worse, an LTI could mean an invaluable life lost.

In Hong Kong, this July, we celebrate seven years without LTI. This is a result of rigorous efforts to rally our teams to comply to GE and FieldCore EHS standards as well as local legislation, while completing projects on-time, with quality.  No LTI is a reflection of the Hong Kong team’s ability to strike a balance between safety and work productivity. Some of the measures implemented above and beyond the standard EHS practices, include:

  • HOC Observation Reporting: to encourage all levels of employees to report safety problems or concerns faced during work. The intent is to strengthen the reporting culture and encourage employees to utilize HOC as a platform to control or mitigate potential risks. Between the months of January to May 2019, we received a record-breaking 83 reports submissions, which is already 60% of the total reports received for the previous year.
  • Breeding Innovation: employees are also encouraged to submit ideas to improve outcomes in terms of safety, cost and quality. An example of an outcome of Hong Kong’s open innovation drive, is the OSH Digital App. Initially developed to improve tracking of craft labor qualification and validation, it has now evolved into a platform for site teams to access safety working procedures, daily work processes, reports, contact points, details on site conditions, and safety learning among others. The app has been successfully deployed at several sites owned by, China Light & Power Company (CLP) a key customer – this includes Black Point Power Station and Castle Peak Power Station, among others. GE and FieldCore were given an award by CLP, in recognition for our contributions in safety innovation.

We are proud of the significant milestones achieved so far and will continue to do everything we can to continue on this strong trajectory of EHS achievements. In Hong Kong, we recognize that it is up to us, to ensure that our employees have safe environments to work in, help customers meet their goals of operational excellence, and then go home to their families at the end of the day.

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