Wind is a rapidly growing industry particularly in North America. At FieldCore we are intensively working on getting involved with more projects in the Wind segment in partnership with GE Renewable Energy. This means that our field employees have to be trained and ready to take on projects of any complexity and deliver excellence on every step of the project implementation.

To deliver consistent World-Class Execution, FieldCore employees participate in rigorous safety and quality training programs in their initial training and on a recurring basis.

One of the major training facilities for FieldCore Wind technicians is at the Mesalands Community College located in Tucamcari, New Mexico. Throughout the intensive study course, trainees gain deep knowledge of the wind industry safety standards, utilization of the safety equipment, wind turbine operation principles and much more. They also get the hands-on experience working on the top of the wind turbine under the close supervision of instructors, mastering their techniques of climbing and safety along with completing turbine maintenance and repair tasks.

When answering the question why he decided to become a wind technician, David Schulz, Turbine Mechanic at FieldCore and one of the trainees at Mesalands Community College, described the wind industry as “cutting-edge.” “It’s clean for the environment, it’s just something that I could see is going to be here for a while and I just want to be a part of something cool like that. You can do this job for 20 years and you will learn something new every single day and that is the best thing ever to me.”

Check out this video of FieldCore employees sharing their experience of pursuing a career in the Wind industry.


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